About Groond

Our mission

Groond.com was created to help Contractors with gaining constant orders in its speciality, using their full potential as well as enabling them to develop them and help them to keep up with market trends. Groond.com creates the conditions for orderers for quick and convenient acquisition of proven Contractors for their orders, while Suppliers to provide greater demand for their products.

About groond.com - repair and construction works : ordering repair and construction works is carried out through auctions and tenders system.

The idea of ​​creating a website that you are just visiting, which is one of the places where demand and supply for renovation and construction works meet, has been created some time ago. It has matured for a long time, evolving to create a unique place, offering solutions for the renovation and construction industry that have never been seen in such a diverse and wide range of services. Some of the elements and functions that you will find here may have already been found in your wandering on the Internet, but nowhere have you found all the tools gathered here in one place.

This is the first renovation and construction site that is interactive with the user,  in other words it works with you. The orderer or contractor can find each other without an effort to execute an order. Every information you post, every query, every action you make on groond.com leaves a trail here and creates new content. Here you can draw on countless, ever-growing data resources and at the same time contribute to the development of the website.

If you work as a contractor, you will find construction and renovation jobs for yourself using innovative tools, and if you are looking for a specialist -  you will quickly find a contractor for your orders. At groond.com you will be guided through every process that helps you do your business efficiently in a simple and intuitive way.

Delving into the world of GROOND, you will discover a wealth of helpful tools and information: order auctions, works tenders, as well as less popular, but still used information channels: announcements that will also include construction and renovation works. You will review the cards of proven contractors. You will be able to get inspiration from blog articles.

If you want to order renovation and construction works, you will have the possibility of direct contact with specialists. You can use the help of advisors who, on request, will come to you with help in defining your needs, or help you choose the method of their implementation - announcing with you auctions and tenders for works. The potential contractor of works, which you intend to select when ordering renovation and construction services, collects assessments for his work so far, which affect his position in the Ranking of Contractors.

If you are a contractor, then in addition to orders for yourself, you will also find a lot of useful articles, videos, instructions, tips. You will also be able to speak freely on various industry topics and comment on issues important to you.

Orderers also collect points and opinions that are visible to potential contractors.

If you are a supplier, groond.com enables you to reach more customers for your products and thus expand your sales market.

Welcome to groond.com.