Tenders for renovation and construction works at groond.com

Conducting a tender on our site is a widely recognized by users form of placing and obtaining orders for renovation and construction works. This way of establishing relationships with contractors should be understood as a tender, i.e. an inquiry is submitted, and the tender consists in offering specific works for a specific price and possible proposal of additional conditions not listed in the order - here the price offer depends on options other than initially assumed, offered by the contractor.

Conducting the tender by the orderer

If you are the orderer, you can easily and conveniently find and personally select the contractor for your order using a tender. Suppose you have already specified the parameters of the work to be done for you. For example: you want to entrust someone with renovation work in a certain place and time, you also specified what should be done. Now you decide that the form of finding a contractor will be a tender, so you specify its time frame - when it starts and when you collect offers. You can give the highest price you're willing to pay, but you don't have to. You submit an inquiry. Groond.com begins the search for professionals corresponding to the order: it checks who is available at the time you specify. It sorts the results by Performer Ranking to select those who best suit your requirements. If you have additionally defined parameters that must be met, such as a certain number of points, the Ranking will organize the data based on your preferences. A minimum of 1 free contractor is required for the tender to be carried out. At the time the tender is announced, the available contractors will be offered to you and choose from among them who will receive an invitation to participate. And you will start receiving offers for the service you order. When the tender is over, you will choose the option that suits you and contact the winner by entrusting him with the renovation and construction work specified above. Thus, you will be bound by a contract for the performance of the contracted work.

Contractor, his price offer and additional options he may propose

If you are a contractor at groond.com, you have determined the availability of your employees in the calendar and you are in the right place in the Ranking of Contractors, you will receive an inquiry when a tender order will appear on the site that matches your business profile and the client chooses you. Once you have decided to enter the tender, the key guideline will be the price offer, i.e. the amount for which you are ready to complete the order. You can also suggest additional solutions in addition to the parameters that the customer has specified in his request. Everything is done using one electronic form. When the deadline expires and the customer chooses you, you win the tender and automatically become its contractor.