Auctions of renovation and construction works

What are auctions for renovation and construction works at

 Auctions for renovation and construction works at are our proprietary project and mean electronic auction, where prices are bargained "down" from the starting price, determined by the client. The increment amount is 0.5% of the initial value. The auction for works is a very popular way on our website to acquire a contractor for renovation and construction works planned by the orderer. On the other hand, auctions are an invaluable tool for acquiring orders for such works for persons carrying out renovation and construction orders.
The basic assumption of the auction system is to select the specialist who will propose the best price for specific terms of the order.

If you are an orderer - renovation and construction orders, placing orders at

If you are an orderer, you are interested in the most attractive way to get a contractor, and this is how to place an auction. You defined the order parameters, such as: painting the surface of 280m2 of the staircase walls in a residential building, with latex paints, in the colors selected from the sampler available on our website, in a specific place and strictly specified time. After completing the order, select the "auction" option. You have the option of entering the starting price at which the bid will be placed 'down'. You can also set a minimum price - when any of the bidders reaches or exceeds it - also "down", your auction will automatically end ahead of time. At this point, the service retrieves information from its databases, where records are stored about the availability of relevant professionals within the time period you specify. After selecting the list of these contractors, they are sorted according to point criteria - that is, those who rank in the corresponding position in the Ranking of Contractors will be selected. They can decide if they are interested in given auctions for renovation and construction works and join them. Depending on the size of your order, a minimum of 2 specialists will be invited to the auction. Here, the amount you invite depends on the size of the work: when planning painting a hall, you probably don't need a large number of contractors who will bid; and when you want to tiles all the bathrooms in a newly built housing estate, you may invite to the auction the maximum number of available contractors.

Let's return to your order: painting a staircase. The website allows you to attract a contractor, and those you choose will automatically receive invitations to enter the auction. You will receive an invitation to invite many contractors, but you will probably come to the conclusion that it is enough that acquiring a contractor will be easier when you choose, for example, only 10 companies, without involving all those proposed by the system. From the moment you started, you have the opportunity to bid on your order. If you haven't entered the minimum price, the participant who submitted the best price at the end of the auction will win. At this point, you and the contractor are automatically bound by a contract to carry out specific works. Placing an order is a very simple activity.

Contractor - what an auction for renovation and construction works at means to you 

If you are a contractor and want to win renovation and construction orders, the auction becomes important to you when you are invited to it. Supposing you are a specialist in the painting industry, you have 15 employees and you have specified in the calendar the dates when they are available for work. It just so happened that a customer appeared on our site looking for a team to paint the 1800 m2 hall, in a place located in your area of ​​operation, on a date when all your employees have time. So this is the most appropriate order corresponding to your scope of activities and resources. It is very important for you to regularly fill  in the calendar, in which you specify the dates of readiness for work for each person who works with you, because this is the basic tool from which information on the possibility of participating in auctions is taken. The client has announced the auction and you have received the invitation. You decide to enter the auction. As soon as it starts, you are immediately notified and you start competing for the order. Each step in this process is 0.5% of the value of the subject of the order. The bidding ends when the bidding period ends or if one of the bidders reaches the minimum price. The minimum price may or may not be set by the user announcing the auction. If you win, you automatically receive the order.

After each work done, you will receive assessments from the client in the following areas: quality, timeliness, cleanliness, communication skills. Your position in the Artist Ranking depends, among other things, on the value of these ratings. When performing each order, it's good to try to get high marks in each of these categories, because it creates the opportunity to receive more invitations to auctions or tenders.