Renovation and construction contractors

How contractors for renovation and construction works acquire work orders at - tender offers, auctions, advertisements

GROOND Contractor is a registered user of the website, whose activity consists in carrying out renovation and construction works in the area of ​​its choice. Contractors obtain works orders by participating in auctions, as well as by submitting tender bids or by using the database of notices posted by the contractors of given renovation and construction works. Bidding and participation in auctions are the most effective ways to receive a work order.


Tools used by renovation and construction contractors at


The basic tool that allows you to receive an order for renovation and construction works via the system is the calendar. All contractors for renovation and construction orders have access to their calendars. They make it possible to participate in auctions and submit tender bids. Another useful tool is the construction journal, which is kept during works. The tenders of the contractor for renovation and construction works selected by the orderers or the auctions won by contractors mean the automatic conclusion of work order contracts on the basis of contract templates previously selected by the orderers.


In his panel in the system, every contractor whose bids, auctions, or works sought in the client’s ads resulted in receiving the order, has access to the tabs: calendar, projects in progress - those that are currently being implemented and there complete the construction log, projects to be completed - those for which it has already concluded contracts, completed projects - that is, the entire database of already completed orders, as well as won auctions and being in the process of bidding.


In addition, every contractor with the premium package and the gold package has access to the industry information database - there they will find professional knowledge, tutorials and news on modern technologies used in construction works.