Contractor's calendar

What is the renovation and construction calendar at

The renovation and construction works calendar is an easy to use and very useful tool for managing your, your employees' work time and for optimizing the works carried out by entire renovation and construction teams. Many contractors provide several types of services at and have various renovation and construction teams for which work needs to be planned. That's what the calendar is for.

How to prepare and maintain a calendar of renovation and construction works?

When you start working with a calendar, you add the names of the people working for you in turn. If you also actively work with them, you also enter yourself there. In this way, the entire renovation and construction crew can be used effectively to optimize working time. From now through the calendar you can control the time allocated to your orders. For every employee who performs or has planned work, vacation, is on sick leave, etc. you specify that it is unavailable at the time. On other days, the renovation and construction works calendar takes it into account as ready for work. When a orderer announces a tender or auction of a job matching your industry, the system will check in your calendar whether you have the opportunity to join them. If so, this orderer will be notified that he may invite you to submit a bid or to bid. There is a high probability that he will do it. When you win an auction or tender, your calendar will automatically be completed with days taken for the duration of the new order - of course, you can change the default options in it, for example, which employees will work. If you prefer to search for orders on your own, for example by browsing offers and obtaining a job by this means, you will be able to mark in the calendar who and when will execute them.

Timely execution of works by using a calendar

The calendar of renovation and construction works is also used to make you complete orders on time. It reminds us that planned works are about to start and allows to control their progress.