Consultant’s help - renovation and construction works orders

To provide you with the highest level of comfort in determining your needs before and during the renovation and construction works, we've created a group of mobile consultants. The help of a consultant is often highly valued by orderers. You can order a consultant, for example an interior architect, a construction architect or a specialist in a given field - they are competent people with whom you can make an appointment at a specific place and time. Their task is to help you when planning works, choosing the right materials, measuring the area for construction or modernization of rooms, and even guiding you through the process of ordering renovation and construction works or registering you in the system. There are consultants from many fields selected by

How to order a consultant, interior architect, building architect or other specialist in the system

To order an adviser or interior designer, etc., just click the "I'm ordering a consultant" button during the ordering process for renovation and construction works in the system and get the help of a consultant. If you are not a registered user or you have not logged in, you can also order an adviser from