Offers about the search for contractors for renovation and construction works

If you are the customer, the ads at are a form of independent search for the contractor for renovation and construction works that you plan. You are not dealing here with any automatic intervention of the expert search system. When posting ads, you completely rely on randomness to find artists.

What do offers on may contain

The content of the offers on may contain text, photos, links and everything you would like to put in the information about what you need. For example, you write that you want to have the hall renovated using certain materials. You can enter a date by which you would like to have this job ready. You can show photos of the room for renovation. You should also provide your contact details as well as the place where you plan to work. After placing on the site, all contractors of renovation and construction works who are authorized to do so by the system will be able to see your advertisement. When someone is interested in your order, they contact you personally - by phone or e-mail you provided - and discuss your expectations together. The potential contractor will offer you a way to do the work and its price. When you manage to collect a satisfactory number of offers, you will choose one of them. And if none satisfies you, you won't choose at all. All activities related to the contractor of renovation and construction works: establishing contacts and contracts with them take place without the participation of the service. However, after completing the order, you and your contractor, in your own interest, will give each other marks on the website.
If you have not successfully reached the contractor that suits you, you can always use auctions and tenders.