Opinions at groond.com

How important are opinions about contractors for renovation and construction works?

Every orderer in the groond.com system, after defining the parameters of his order, gets the option to choose who he will invite to participate in the auction or tender. Opinions about contractors of renovation and construction works are important guidelines for him. It is the contractors' opinions that show him who he could potentially engage in carrying out the works and who he rejects and does not invite.

What is the main impact of opinions about contractors for renovation and construction works?

In order to clearly and truthfully present the opinions of contractors, there is an interactive and constantly changing tool in the groond.com system called the Performers' Ranking. After completion of a given service, contractors of renovation and construction works are assessed by the principals in the following categories: quality, timeliness, communication skills, cleanliness. In each category, they can get a maximum of 10 points, and a minimum of 0. Ratings are a guideline in which place a given professional will currently be in the Ranking.
However, the position in the Ranking depends on other factors - contractors get additional points for their and their team's qualifications, for the number of completed projects, as well as for their value.

Other factors affecting the selection of the contractor for renovation and construction works

Sometimes it happens that a client is not looking for the best contractor for renovation and construction works, but wants to match his capabilities to one or two criteria, and others are not interested in him. For example, he does not want the work to be done on time, but it is important for him to have constant contact with professionals and to communicate well with them. Maybe he also expects that those who are the best rated will propose too high prices - although this may not always be the case.
The artist himself also has an impact on his image. When it honestly, transparently and interestingly completes its profile, and also adds scans of references from satisfied customers and puts its personal business card in the groond.com system, it has the chance to arouse the interest of a potential customer regardless of position in the Ranking.
To sum up: opinions about contractors and their images in the eyes of clients are the basis for success at groond.com.