Orderers of renovation and construction works

How do orderers of renovation and construction work find contractors at groond.com?

The orderers of renovation and construction works are specifying in the order what it is about and what are its parameters - for example if a given client would like to entrust a professional with insulation of the facade, it specifies how many square meters must be covered with the selected insulation material, what additional works should be performed, etc. Then selects the date on which he would like to have the work done. He chooses the contractors available in the given period and decides whether he wants to announce the auction, the tender, or maybe he prefers to place the announcement himself and wait for a contractor to come to him. In the process of placing an order, the customer learns the market price of the work he wants to order. The market price in groond.com is calculated based on the location data where the order is to be carried out. It is obvious that for example in Gdańsk (large city) the market price will be completely different than in a relatively small town, e.g. Łuków.
In case of doubts as to the execution of the order process, or the need for assistance, the client may contact a GROOND adviser.

A proven professional, a list of professional references in reference to auctions and a request for a tender.

For the orderers of renovation and construction works, it is important that his order is carried out by a proven specialist. Reputation among orderers is an important factor for the contractor, which most often depends on whether he will receive a request for a tender or whether order auctions will be available to him. The list of references of professionals who order renovation and construction works can be found by browsing their personal profiles, but a really proven specialist is in a strictly defined place in the Ranking of Contractors, which is one of the basic components of the groond.com system. Reputation among clients depends strictly on the assessments they give their contractors after completion of the works. The list of professional references and their reputation among the clients makes it easier for the orderers of renovation and construction works to select the proposed contractors who were selected according to their expectations for a tender or an auction.

Ratings collected by orderers

Orderers of renovation and construction works evaluate the contractors always after finishing the works. However, they are also assessed themselves. The categories in which they can get from 0 to 10 points are: timeliness in providing access to the front of works, timeliness of payments, construction facilities, timeliness in providing materials, timeliness in providing equipment, flexibility. Based on these assessments, contractors can decide whether they will enter a tender or auction to which they will be invited.

Information on current trends

Renovation and construction orderers have access to a blog where they can take advantage of information on current trends in the renovation and construction market.