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Proven professionals and orderer feedback at

The renovation and construction market is huge - there is no doubt about that. However, it is difficult to find out who are reliable and which are not worth hiring in the jungle of potential contractors. Proven repair and construction professionals are those who have received positive feedback from orderers. If you want to outsource a job, you can easily find contractors at that match your needs. Those who will do the job well: proven contractors for renovation and construction works. In addition, you can specify which features you care about - whether the quality of work, timeliness, communication skills or cleanliness are important to you and how important they are in your opinion. maintains a Ranking of Contractors, where after each work is posted the opinions of the principals and the number of points they have awarded in the aforementioned categories to the contractor. Thanks to these opinions, really proven professionals emerge in the Ranking.

In addition, each registered contractor has his page in the system, where he provides information about himself, also places documentation confirming his and his brigade's professional preparation. He can also present references issued to him so far, especially those he obtained before he registered at or those he obtains while performing his orders.

Protection of the payer's data

If you are a registered orderer at GROOND, you don't have to worry that everyone can see information about you. Your data, as well as the data of your projects are protected from the view of all website users. Access to them will only be available to those proven contractors for renovation and construction works to whom you grant it, inviting them, for example, to participate in an auction or tender. It is important that safe transactions in construction are carried out at

Safe transactions in construction and certainty of receiving payment

Safe transactions in the construction industry are of key importance for orderers and contractors. What do safe transactions mean for both of these user groups? The content has already mentioned the Ranking of Contractors, where you can check whether a professional is reliable and view the opinions of orderers, and thus make sure that he is a proven professional. On the other hand, the certainty of payment being received by the contractor also depends on information about the contracting authority for renovation and construction works. Well, in the same way as the orderer issues ratings and gives opinions about contractors, the contractor provides information at about how the order process was going from his point of view. The orderer is assessed in the following categories: timeliness in providing access to the front of works, timeliness of payments, construction facilities, timeliness in providing materials, timeliness in providing equipment, as well as flexibility. Watching the orderer's profile, which invites to join the auction or to take part in the tender, you can immediately check whether he carried out safe transactions with him and how you can be sure of receiving payment for the work done.