Demand for building products and materials at

Implementation of renovation and construction orders requires tools and products. Almost every supplier of building materials is certainly interested in expanding the market. In the system he receives the opportunity to increase the demand for products and building materials that he offers. Orderers and contractors concluding service contracts at will be happy to take advantage of supplies of materials or tools offered in the system, instead of looking for them through intermediaries, distributors or retail outlets charging additional margins. They will also save the time needed for this search, and thus the implementation of renovation and construction orders is faster and simpler. As the number of system users is growing rapidly, the demand for building products and materials is also increasing. 

Supplier of building materials at - how to become one? 

The supplier of building materials, without which renovation and construction orders would not be possible, is the manufacturer or importer supplying construction tools or materials. At, you can only become a supplier after signing a contract with a GROOND owner or representative.