Works valuation

Works valuation - renovation and construction works

During the process of placing an order for renovation and construction works in, a summary of works is carried out in "the summary". It can be a guideline when you decide to conduct an auction. Based on the given parameters, you can determine, for example, the minimum price of the works for which you expect to obtain a satisfactory quality of the order. The auction does not have to have a minimum price. The auction may end faster than you expect if someone offers an amount equal to or lower than the minimum price.
Works valuation will also help you to find out whether the price of works for your renovation and construction works given in each tender is realistic or suspiciously low or too high.

Market value of works at

The market value of works in the system is calculated in a specific way. The average price of works is closely related to the location where your renovation and construction works will be carried out. The market value of works in a large city will look differently than in a small town or country. Also, in this value will be individual in a various regions. Carrying out the auction at the market value or the amount of the tender depends on the specific region, if we take into account the rates applicable there.